Many organisations are looking at how to deliver change faster or more effectively.  Some are looking to new project methodologies to do this and agile often comes up in the conversation. 

I have found from experience that an organisation cannot transition to agile working overnight.  If this is needed then it will be a case of changing the culture over time.

Also, there is no template that will apply to all businesses equally well. Often a blend of traditional waterfall and agile methods does work to fit in to the culture of the organisation, the “way we do things”.

I can help with the following areas if you are looking at agile as a way forward

  1. Helping plan an agile development and training program, embed and reinforce over time, establishing good habits from the start and getting the transition moving in the right direction.
  2. Helping to manage the transition backlog to transform to an Agile way of working, making improvements to the process, resourcing (hiring or designating key roles), defining teams, training needs and toolsets. 
  3. Counselling – listening to problems and helping to create a safe working environment for agile to work successfully. 
  4. Mentoring the Scrum Master and technology leadership.

If you would like to learn more on how I could help your organisation with its Agile adoption , contact me

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