Online Diversification Service from Ian Webb Consulting

Online diversification is the creation or addition of channels to online. whether that be in sales or customer interaction. While the full implications of the new commercial environment are still unknown, it is clear that the impact on business is already significant. Emerging evidence points to a significant shift, as consumers migrate increasingly to online means of interacting with the goods and services they want to procure.

Those businesses that have or can adapt quickly are agile and have added e-commerce to their channels.  Online presence is becoming equally if not more important than bricks and mortar shopfronts.

With offline shopping collapsing, companies’ strategies will need to focus on fortifying their web presence. And, in some cases, building an online business from scratch.

I have found that companies can create a working e-commerce site in much less time than they think. In fact, a poor understanding of what’s really possible with digital can be one of the most significant hinderances to moving quickly.

This is a tried and tested method I use to assist businesses in their path to moving commerce online,

  • Adopting the right mindset – pragmatic and agile
  • Planning through e-commerce adoption and supply chain implications.
  • Putting in place prototyping and agile development of new features to test with consumers
  • Designing the new architecture for e-commerce platforms, online presence and social media integrations. Back end integrations to ERP and back office systems is crucial to avoid creating manual workarounds and technical debt
  • Customer journey mapping and the changes needed to existing business processes
  • Data requirements for analysing the new channel success, real time information and the ability to spot trends to enable quick decision making in a fast moving environment
  • Post implementation reviews to ensure lessons are learned and future projects achieve their ROI faster

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