Why do an IT Review?

Your business is reliant on information technology and if it goes wrong could you function using manual methods for long? This reliance has grown in many organisations over the last decade but their management and investment typically has not, leading to processes built on old systems. 

Similarly, if you are looking at new technology such as artificial intelligence or robotics, these must be implemented appropriately and in the context of stable IT foundations.  There is also a need to have a good understanding of where your data is and how it is used.

An IT review will deliver to your business a set of outcomes,

  • A recommendation plan based on business requirements and technology agnostic solutions, ensuring technology is appropriate and fit for purpose going forward. 
  • Suitable technology platforms for your specific industry sectors
  • A report detailing observations, recommended actions, and plan, tailored to this business and its key drivers
  • Delivered to the senior leadership team or board of the organisation and agree next steps

A review can consist of –

  • Working with a sponsor in your business to understand business needs and drivers
  • Creating a set of success criteria
  • Reviewing the current IT provision against those criteria

If you would like to learn more, especially how I can help you with an IT Review that will add value to your busines , contact me

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