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Cash flow Improver service from Ian Webb Consulting

Cashflow Improver Service is available to all businesses. As business leaders, you will know the importance of cash flow for business success. As with other processes, technology can help massively improve the management of cash flow.

There are tools available that enable finance teams to have visibility of the cash through the business.  So, these days many of these apps are designed to be as frictionless as possible. And the evolution of mobile apps make these processes very slick indeed.  Larger businesses are often encumbered by their legacy systems, but this does not mean they cannot adopt mobile apps or agile ways of working – it just takes some thinking.

Cashflow Improver Methodology

We can help your business improve control over its cashflow through,

  • Performing a Health check on finance systems and processes
  • Automating steps and parameters to increase efficiency. This is done firstly by utilising the technology you already have, then bringing in new tools as appropriate
  • Reviewing and enhancing forecasting and budgeting tools and systems
  • Integration of finance systems to improve efficiency and reduce errors, and provide information as real-time as possible
  • Review inventory management systems to ensure stock is accurate. And automate processes with scanning and bar-coding technology, providing real-time information as far as is possible

The cashflow improver service metholodogy can raise productivity by doing more with the same or less resources.

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